I am really glad you are in my website. My name is Jonathan Campos and I am specialist in Graphic and Web Design, Usability, User Experience, Digital Marketing and Customer Service.

You may wonder how it is possible for me to have such a wide range of skills. Well, of course it has not been just overnight. Many years of studying and practicing have allowed me to know and practice all these activities.

Jonathan Campos

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Right after I finished high school, I studied Foreign Trade. Thanks to a friend of mine who ran an forwarding agent company by the time, inmediately I got a job in that area.

That was really meaningful. Everyday I learned new skills and put them into practice.

In just a few months, despite my youngness, I receive big responsabilities. Everything was going just fine, but suddenly the office had to close and I got unemployed.

By that time I have heard a friend telling that what makes inmortal a man are three things: have a son, plant a tree and write a book. This saying called powerfully my attention.

I was to young to set down, so I discarded by the time the thing about having a child. And, even had been easier to plant a tree, I made my mind to write a book.

No great ideas were coming along to write the novel I had planned, so in turn I decided to write about other topic that really is important to me.

I always have though that people that have made history follow a pattern, have a special behavior. That is why I decided to write short biographies about 100 people. That way A hundred lives was born.

Cien Vidas book

How A hundred lives was written

So, at the beginning of the year 2000 I wrote One hundred lives. I considered that it was the most appropriate and possible task at the time.

But I thought it was not the best thing that only I decided who would be part of the book.

So I went to elementary and high schools and asked permission to survey both students and teachers.

In a short time I had a clean list of the characters that would be part of A hundred lives.

Next, I sat down to investigate and write. It was an excellent experience that allowed me to develop and apply a method to carry out large projects that I have applied several times in my working life.

A hundred lives is a book designed so that readers, as well as knowing the characters of history, can find a model of life or avoid what they failed.

I will regularly post a biography of a character in my blog in spanish, usually related to the current date.

I am happy that, although it was a best-seller, some books were sold.

The Papel Etc experience

Some time later, in 2004, I founded Papel Etc. The objective remains the same until today: to create and produce stationery products that do not exist in the market or are very rare.

Within a few years I had already created a list of almost 200 products and was distributing throughout Venezuela. At first my clients were small bookstores or stationery stores, which made me have a portfolio of more than 160 customers in the central zone of Venezuela.

Over time, I decided to make a change in the products and marketing, which allowed me to go to distributors and stationery chain stores, covering the entire country.

My tasks as founder of Papel Etc would include creating new products  -based on detected needs-, controlling production, sales and supervising deliveries.

It is clear that that was a lot of work for a single person, so I searched help in some of these areas.

Tasks such as those relating to production and deliveries were routine and could, to some point, be mechanized. However, designing products and offering them directly to customers was something I preferred to continue doing myself.

In particular the sales and customer service was something that I keep doing myself because I understood that no one would treat my clients better than myself. That’s why, for more than 10 years, I’ve been visiting clients personally and giving customer service to them by email and telephone.

The philosophy of customer service I developed during all this time has been set in these cornerstones:

  • Respond quickly and accurately to customer needs
  • Be honest with what I can do for them
  • Do more than what they ask or need, to always surprise them
  • Always be available, with a smile

I am honored to know that, after all this time, I have succeeded in making each client a friend.

If you want to know more about Papel Etc you could go to its own website.

A decade later, in late 2014, I had a medical problem that made me face a common situation for patients. There was born the idea of creating Satiu. On Satiu’s own website, I explain more about what it was about.

The Satiu experience

Shortly after I got started with Satiu I realized that I could not carry out that project just by myself. So I started looking for help.

That was how Mary Padrón and William Arteaga eventually became CFO and CTO respectively of Satiu.

But perhaps the biggest turning point for Satiu was when it was selected to participate in the 2015 Bolt acceleration program in Spain. In this article I explain how that experience was.

Perhaps one of the greatest lessons I learned from the experience was to get to know other cultures and ways of thinking. I was able to make many friends whom I treasure.

In addition, I could learn professionally about many related subjects, in more depth. The work done was not easy. I usually worked about 16 hours a day, many times even on weekends.

With some friends in Madrid

The present and the future

I enjoy more every day of creating things. Whether they were physical, like stationery products from Papel Etc, or digital, like the web projects I do; after all, the need for creating is in action.

I have always appreciated to be instructed, but in particular since 2015 I have defined as my priority to learn and teach.

That is why I got certified in Digital Marketing at IESA (Caracas, Venezuela) and I recently started (12/2016) a Master in Digital Marketing at IIEMD (Murcia, Spain).

I have also done, or am doing the following courses, during 2017:

  • Writing for the web, by Chris Nodder
  • Seo Fundamentals, by David Booth
  • Fundamental SEO Tools, by Brad Batesole
  • WordPress Themes Development, by Francisco Aguilera
  • Customer Service Skills, by Adam Kharchoufa
  • Cultivating a customer-focused culture, by Jeff Toister
  • The Web Development Bootcamp, by Colt Steele
  • Customer Service Foundations, by Jeff Toister
  • IT Service Desk Customer Service Fundamentals, by Fancy Mills
  • Managing a Customer Service Team, by Jeff Toister
  • Affiliate Marketing Foundations, by Evgenii “Geno” Prussakov
  • Quality Standards in Customer Service, by Brad Cleveland
  • Affiliate Marketing: Advertising, by Evgenii “Geno” Prussakov
  • Innovative Customer Service Techniques, by Jeff Toister

I also enjoyed being a Professor of Digital Journalism at Universidad Arturo Michelena, in Valencia, Venezuela.

I think that every day something must be learned. And the goal of learning must be to apply and to teach.

That is why I will never stop learning, I will always have a challenge to face and I will never stop teaching.

Some other personal projects

Since writing and communicating (even public speaking) has always been a passion for me, in this blog I will publish what I write.

The experience gained so far in life have allowed me to expand my views and my themes. That is why I also want to share in this way some other writings hoping that they will help to other entrepreneurs like me to fulfill their goals.

How good it is to be able to learn from what happened to others and not have to live it. So, for the benefit of the entrepreneurial community, I will cover some issues putting them together in two titles: The Five Factors of Success and Sell Ice in the North Pole.

The five factors of success it will be a serie of post in which I will show with many examples and experiences of life that there are five keys to obtaining what you could be looking for.

Of course, in the same introduction I will explain that success is a very complex concept to define, because everyone will have their own idea of ​​what it is, but there are certain factors that, in general, are cornerstones.

Selling ice in the north pole focuses more on entrepreneurial activity. Of every 10 startups fail 8. That’s a very high rate. Most of the time it is due to little planning or unrealistic goals.

Whatever the case, when you launch a product or service, this needs customers and a lot of work, but unlike a large company, it is the entrepreneur or group of entrepreneurs who must do everything. How? Here are some ideas.

I hope to have you here whenever you can. If you want to contact me, you can do it from here. I would love to share experiences with you. Thanks for coming.

Jonathan Campos.